Application and Website Development

Since 1982, Leszynski Group's application design and development team has built hundreds of custom solutions and websites for our clients in a broad variety of industries. In fact, our code is run by hundreds of millions of computer users around the world every day!

Our team of solution architects and C, C#, Java, and SQL development experts eagerly tackles software development challenges that might intimidate less-experienced technicians. That's why Microsoft chose us to help design and develop Windows Holographic and the new HoloLens technology. See our skills listing here.

Do You Use Microsoft Windows or Office?

If so, then you have already used our code. We invented these components that Microsoft ships:

  • Snipping Tool
  • Calendar Control
  • Word New Document Wizards
  • Outlook Database Control

We Are All Over the Internet

When you click on these websites, and others, you could be interacting with code and databases that we've authored for these clients:

We Power Leading Businesses

Take a look at our client list, and you'll realize that any time you interact with the information systems of any of scores of large corporations, you might be using applications developed by Leszynski Group. For example, when you:

  • Use a Seattle-area hospital
  • Purchase a Toyota car
  • Use a Windows PC
  • Use a Synaptics touchpad
  • Buy a Starbucks espresso
  • Attend a Seattle sporting event
  • Make a cellular phone call

...or perform any of a hundred other routine daily tasks, there is a chance that you are interacting with some of our custom software code and databases.

We create custom applications that empower companies to maximize their reach, productivity, and ROI from technology.