Historical Milestones

Leszynski Group began life in 1982, just before the birth of the IBM PC, to design and author business software solutions. Our company has grown over the years into a market leader in software technology.

Here are a few of our most interesting company milestones over the years.

2012 Completed a multi-year project building leading-edge retail information systems that help run the online and physical Microsoft stores.
2011 Drivewire.com, an ecommerce site co-founded by Stan Leszynski during the dot-com boom, was acquired by major automotive parts distributor WorldPac.
2009 Migrated leading device maker Synaptics to the Amazon Web Services cloud, supporting a million touchpad users from a dozen virtual servers and two cloud databases.
2005 Created the first mobile tablet applications for automotive quality control, deployed in the Toyota North America factories.
2002 Invented the Snipping Tool, one of the first patented tablet computer utilities, which Microsoft incorporated into Windows (just press Windows+S!).
2000 Created a revolutionary XML-driven data mart for T-Mobile to aggregate data from 13 acquired companies. This application reduced billing query times from more than a day to just a few seconds.
1995 Developed a trust accounting database solution for Washington Mutual Bank. They computed the ROI and found that the application paid for itself in just 30 days of use.
1994 Invented the ActiveX Calendar Control for Microsoft Office and sold it to Microsoft. It was the first ActiveX component for Office and shipped in the product for two decades.
1992 Recruited by Microsoft to provide the first outside technical review of Microsoft Access early alpha. Wrote the first complex Access scalability-testing application, demonstrated to Bill Gates.
1990 Authored the article "The Database War" for PC Magazine, comparing dBASE and R:BASE. It was the cover story.
1987 Invented the R:Tools utility for R:BASE and sold it to Microrim. It became the bestselling developer toolset ever for R:BASE.
1982 Created a PC-based directory for a Bellevue Square mall retailer using MS-BASIC just weeks after the first IBM PC shipped. It was possibly the first commercial PC business application ever written.