Mobile Solutions

Years before Android and iOS, Microsoft created tablets and enterprises deployed them to collect data — and we were there helping. In 2002 when Microsoft launched the first Tablet PC, the applications that Bill Gates demonstrated on stage were written by Leszynski Group.
Smartphone Applications


Phone applications are the ultimate mobility challenge — they must be engaging, productive, responsive, and lightweight all at once.

We have built a variety of enterprise and commercial applications for different phone platforms.

Tablet Applications


The power of today's tablet computers allows full-fledged enterprise applications to be delivered around pen and touch input.

We have been developing tablet applications since the first Tablet PC; read more about it here.

Embedded Applications

Embedded Devices

Smart devices with onboard logic open up a world of opportunities for business productivity and consumer scenarios.

We have created lightweight, device-specific software for a variety of equipment, from boats to cars, and from kiosks to factory machinery.