Skills and Expertise

Most of our systems test design and software development experts have 20+ years in the software industry, so we have firsthand experience with many types of languages, projects, and methodologies. You can imagine that our pile of technical skills is quite tall; just a few of them are shown below.

.NET, Ajax, Amazon Web Services, Analysis, Apache, Architecture,
                    ASP, Azure, Azure, Backbone, Business Intelligence, C, C#, C++, COM, Compilers, Database Design, Data Warehousing,
                    Embedded Systems, Flash, Graphic Design, Holography, Holographic, HoloLens, HTML, iOS, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, Knockout, Linux, MySQL, Queries, 
                    Rackspace, Relational Data, Reporting, Requirements, Security, Silverlight, Specifications,
                    SQL Server, Technical Writing, Telerik, TFS, Tomcat, Visual Basic, Windows, Windows CE, Windows Phone, WinJS, XML